Find a place where you can best come to stillness; for example a particular spot in your house, in the garden, your local park, the car, sitting at your office desk.

Having stilled yourself physically in your chosen space and taken a suitable posture: sitting, standing, lying, then gently try to discover a quiet space in your inner self

Give yourself some minutes to arrive at a level of outer and inner stillness. Some days this will happen more easily than others. We never come to stillness instantly and the level we arrive at always varies – and no one arrives at perfect stillness!

The process of attempting to still your body, mind, feelings and ultimately your deep inner self is really a very simple task. Ultimately it is about doing nothing – it is simply a question of being there, of being the self that you are in this particular place and in this now-moment of time.


To assist the above process – listen! Listen first to the sounds around you.

Then, when you feel it is appropriate, begin to listen to what is surfacing within yourself . Note what enters your awareness but do not analyse – simply let what is be!

Over time and through regular practice you will experience deeper stillness. Your listening may come to the stage where it is about listening to Silence and being enveloped by that Silence. Rest in that Silence. Such Silence tends to be an experience of fullness as opposed to an empty Silence . Whatever quality of stillness is experienced simply remain within it.

When listening to the mystery of your deeper self and to the silence you may come to an experience of a Shekina-type Presence.

Reaching Out

At some stage you may be aware of being drawn away from yourself. Being a compassionate person you will be drawn to allowing those you love, those who suffer, or those who have other concerns enter your awareness. Allow that love, generated in you by the stillness and listening exercises, to reach out and empower others.

Do not force anything. From your place of stillness simply reach out towards whoever you feel drawn to and simply hold that person compassionately in your awareness. A particular situation or person might fleetingly attract your attention, or you may feel drawn to linger in your loving holding-of-the-other in your heart.

An appropriate was of finishing this Shekina experience would be gratitude – gratitude for the wonder of yourself, for the wonder of all that is created, for the wonder of the Divine in our midst.